Maternity Benefit of Employment Insurance


In this publication you will learn step by step how to apply for the maternity benefit of the employment insurance offered by the Government.

Benefits of Maternity EI

Congratulations on your achievement! You will be eligible for EI pregnancy and parental benefits until you get pregnant. Both benefits can be connected during the EI online application process; just make sure you choose the correct choice. Maternity benefits are a 15-week bonus that can begin as early as 12 weeks before your baby’s due date and can stop as late as 17 weeks after your child’s birth. Parental advantages are for a period of 35 weeks and can be enjoyed by both parents. If the child’s father refuses to apply for parental rights, the mother will normally accept them all. This adds up to 50 weeks, or a year, of EI maternity/parental benefits, as we all know.

Parental Benefits have been subject to additional regulations as of December 8, 2017.

Once again, you will be required to serve a one-week unpaid waiting period before beginning the official payment week in the third week. Your payment title will start as maternity benefits and then change to parental benefits automatically. The sum of your weekly allowance remains the same.

How many hours do I work in order to qualify?

To satisfy the basic qualifying hours, you would have worked a total of 600 hours in the previous year, beginning on the day you finished working.

Cumulative hours Maternity EI

What is the sum of my EI weekly benefit?

The current weekly limit is $562, and it is paid out every two weeks by direct deposit. For more details, see the EI benefit sum estimation page.

New* – you can now get an estimation of your maternity/parental benefits by going to To learn more, go here.

If your family is low-income, you could be eligible for higher EI benefits (Family Supplement).

What documentation do I need to submit for my application for Maternity Benefits?

Employment History (s). To increase your insurable earnings and thereby enjoy a higher gain week number, make sure to apply all of your ROE within the last 52 weeks.

How long would I have to wait until my first payout of Maternity Benefits?

It can take up to 28 days for an EI claim to be processed. A first letter should arrive in the mail, with an access code and directions for setting up your Service Canada online account. There will be a two-week period of no pay before the first week of maternity benefits starts. If you signed up for direct deposit, your check should come around a month after you sent your application.

Is it necessary for me to submit an EI report?

If you want to be excluded from EI filing, you will be questioned on the online application. You won’t have to fill out your bi-weekly EI survey if you verified “yeah.” If you earn money during your bonus time, you must dial Service Canada’s EI service line (1-800-206-7218Call: 1-800-206-7218) and click “0” to talk to a live agent who will manually subtract your earnings from your EI benefit for the same week(s) you earned money.

What if I get sick before I get pregnant? Is it possible for me to earn EI sickness benefits as well?

The response is a resounding YES. You could be eligible for EI sickness benefits if you have medical evidence from your doctor that you are sick as a result of your pregnancy. According to the EI scheme, if any of the services are classified as special benefits, your entitlement weeks will not be capped. In other words, your EI would be valid for more than the limit of one year.

EI Maternity and Sickness

Keep in mind:

  • Be sure to ask the boss for a release of information (ROE) with the code “D” (illness) as the excuse for separation.
  • Request for EI under sickness advantage, but the questionnaire will inquire if you are pregnant; check YES, and then further questions will appear to immediately attach your right to maternity and parental benefits.
  • Obtain a letter from the doctor explaining the nature of your condition and the length of time you will be sick (from when to when). Just the weeks your doctor said you have to rest will be used to calculate your illness bonus at the EI.
  • You must complete your EI report when receiving sickness benefits before your application is converted to maternity/parental, at which point you will be removed from reporting.

Supplement for Families

If your family’s annual income is less than $25,921, you might be eligible for the Family Supplement.

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